Stephanie Carmichael is an inspirational speaker, teacher, and author. She has survived aggressive stage III breast cancer twice and has learned how to have joy and peace in the midst of the battle. Stephanie wrote this book of encouragement for others to help them find peace no matter what they may be facing.  Cancer is a devastating disease for patients and their families, and Stephanie shares candidly about her journey - the good, the bad and the ugly.  But she says "There is victory to be found in the journey and a new strength that only God can give us."  

 She currently serves in Stonecroft and Aglow Ministries and has travelled across the Pacific Northwest as an inspirational speaker since 2010. She and her husband, Mark, serve as leaders and teachers in the Ministry Training Institute at their local church teaching from the Christ Ambassadors curriculum and the Doing What Jesus Did book since 2003. She and Mark reside in Bend, Oregon. They have three adult children: James, Julie, Gina, her husband, Jeremy, and their grandbaby, Lily.


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Those who trust in the Lord shall not be disappointed                 1 Peter 2:6
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The link below is for a radio talk show interview that I recently did about my book and cancer.  The interview starts at 12minutes and 10 seconds in on the recording.  I hope it will encourage many of you who are wrestling with cancer and other serious illnesses. Thank you for listening and I would love to hear from you afterward. Bless you:)